When you couldn’t believe

(c) 2007 dwoz

you were you and I was me
then forces acted inexorably
to consummate our alchemy
and forge an alloy strong as steel
and rich as any gold can be

But steel will bend and gold will scratch
and though we work to stay intact
the forces conspire in ruthless fashion
to toss us, carelessly, into the chasm
relentless insinuation and schism

Why was I unable to see
The light that burned you
why was I unable to stand
and cast a shadow across your face

When you didn’t believe
in the story

When we’re here inside ourselves
we know our truths, our joie du vie
We simply brush aside the veil
and see what no one else can see
and feel what no one else can touch

Its such a curiosity
that such transparent sophistry
and ill-intentioned riddles
semantic paradiddles
can test the strongest love

Why was I unable to be
the one you turned to
why was I unable to breathe
or seize that instant of time

When you tried to believe
in the story

Indifferent history doesn’t recall
our myriad (mundane) ports of call
or how we rose above it all
it always marks the missteps and foibles
but quiet triumphs remain unsung

Now those choices that we made
are pegged to posterity
like cicadas on a cork-board
the feeding frenzy, the voyeur’s amusement
vicarious libel and false denouement

Where was I, unable to choose
the life I wanted
I was there when you said you’d try
I was there when you said goodbye

When you couldn’t believe
in our story

its a sort of curiosity
that such transparent sophistry
inexorably gets the best of us
such a trite and venal tune can kill
the strongest love and strength of will

When You Couldn’t Believe in the Story by Hinterland


About dwozmak

David Wozmak is a renaissance man. In the renaissance, it was important to be expansive and inclusive in the kinds of skills and abilities you were able to cover. As far as can be told, they had guys in the renaissance that could muck out animal stalls, pile rubble into something vaguely resembling shelter, cook an edible pizza, and of course say the wrong thing around women.
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