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David Wozmak is a renaissance man. In the renaissance, it was important to be expansive and inclusive in the kinds of skills and abilities you were able to cover. As far as can be told, they had guys in the renaissance that could muck out animal stalls, pile rubble into something vaguely resembling shelter, cook an edible pizza, and of course say the wrong thing around women.

Please, can I have some more

Surprisingly, I don’t feel all that hungry. However, I won’t let that get in the way of feeling sorry for myself. Here I am, one day into The Great Weight Slash Seven Day Fast Fest of 2010, when the news … Continue reading

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Physician, Heal Thyself

© 2010 dwoz One of the most, if not actually the most vivid of the moments still lodged in my ever-diminishing past is the moment you joined us here on earth. I can replay it in my mind’s eye like … Continue reading

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Marley and Me

© 2010 dwoz Bob Marley is not a big man.  It is difficult to imagine how someone who is so much larger than life, who is almost a giant, can fit into such a diminutive frame. Moments like this don’t … Continue reading

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When you couldn’t believe

(c) 2007 dwoz you were you and I was me then forces acted inexorably to consummate our alchemy and forge an alloy strong as steel and rich as any gold can be But steel will bend and gold will scratch … Continue reading

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(c)2007 If you stayed another night would it really make a difference we both know its a lie but would that get in the way? You know I have to try to break through the indifference to strike dry tinder … Continue reading

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Stepped across the threshold through the door its closed behind me for the last time The latch click is quiet still louder than my thoughts its not the sound of coming home and it echoes even now Turn around to … Continue reading

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The Gospel according to Soundman

The Lord said, “let there be an inverse-square law, so that the denizens of the earth will not drown in the relentless cacophony” And it was so. And the Lord saw that it was good. The lord said, “let there … Continue reading

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